Update 1 to Team Scheduling Beta

We have received some great feedback during this first week of the new Team Scheduling page. And, in turn, we applied an update this evening that fixes a few small bugs, and adds a few minor enhancements.

Here are a things we are working on for one of our next beta updates:

  • Ability for Planner to change the assignment response by clicking on the status color code of an assignment
  • Ability to send an email notification to just one person
  • Ability to send send notifications to just “Penciled In” assignments
  • Ability to hide teams with no assignments

Of course, there are more features we have planned, but these seems to be next on the list (for now).

One other update we applied this evening is something Helpers should really love. We have made the assignment response page more intuitive to use. Helpers can respond to an assignment for master and linked services with ONE CLICK! To check it out, login to your MyWP account. We haven’t updated out tutorial video yet, but that will be happening soon.

One last note: I am going to leave this blog post open for comments. If you have any thoughts or feedback on features mentioned in this post, you are welcome to post them here.

Team Scheduling Beta Now Live

Our new Team Scheduling feature is now ready for those of you wishing to help us test it out. Since it is a beta release, there could be few bugs and formatting issues. But we’ve done enough testing on it that these issues should be minimal. One thing is for sure, you should find this page much easier (and more fun) than the “old” way of scheduling your team members.

To start using it, login to WP and click on “People”, then the Teams tab. In the upper right corner there is a “Team Scheduling” link. This link is also on a few other pages (like the Roles tab when looking at a service’s worship flow).

We strongly encourage you to view the brief and/or detailed video tutorials before you get started. Links them can be found when you first access the page.

We value your feedback as we go through this beta phase. Feel free to use the “Feedback” link in the upper right corner of the Team Scheduling page to let us know any thoughts or issues you have.

Team Scheduling Goes Live This Monday Night

The beta version of our new and very exciting Team Scheduling feature is expected to be available by the time you start your day on Tuesday. It actually could have gone live earlier this week, but since everyone is in the “red zone” as Easter approaches, we didn’t want to throw any curve balls at you, your volunteers, or our servers.

I can’t imagine ANYONE has a spare moment to watch a brief video on how the new feature will work….but maybe if you are waiting for your Easter Set paint to dry and the lighting cues are not yet ready for review, you can check out our 4 minute walk-through. It was made before we put some finishing touches on, so things should be a little tidier for Tuesday.

Team Scheduling Brief Video Tutorial

Come Tuesday, you’ll have access to a more detailed version of the video, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions (or at least, answers to questions we¬†expect would be asked frequently).
We pray everyone has a good Easter, and that you’re able to connect with it’s true meaning despite the distractions that serving can sometimes bring.

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