So…Where have you guys been?

Despite the lack of activity on our blog and twitter accounts, we have been quite busy with both development efforts and marketing campaigns. And on both fronts, we feel we’re making great progress.

From a development perspective, we have one feature nearing the end of selective-church testing, and another feature that is in the middle of internal testing. The former is our Assignments Auto Reminder feature. Each team can be set up to have WP automatically send a reminder email to members that are assigned to an upcoming service. Team Leaders can specify the number of days prior to the service that the message should be sent, as well as the message subject and body.

The other feature will allow Helpers and Planners to add “channels of communication” to their account. Currently you can only have a single email address associated with your account in WP. This feature allows you to add additional email addresses, and even text message phone numbers. What’s more, you can specify the types of communication you’d like sent to each secondary communication channel. We hope to add Twitter and Facebook direct messaging as communication channels, but for the time being we’ve run into some API limitations with each of those systems.

So, what else is in the hopper? We have started laying the ground work for mobile and Facebook versions of WP. There is an effort afoot to make the process of building worship flows a little more intuitive. Also, 360WP will soon be getting a face-lift. And, of course, we have several other initiatives that we are yet ready to share. But it continues to be exciting times for both our staff AND our subscribers!

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