Improved Payment Process – saves you time

Credit Card

If you’ve made a payment to, you know that it has not been as simple as it could be.  Not that the process was especially complex, but it tended to be time-consuming since there seemed to be more fields to fill in than when you first signed up.  Well, we’ve just rolled out some improvements that should save you many keystrokes and time. 

Our new Auto Renewal feature allows you “set and forget” the billing information for your WP account.  With your enrollment to Auto Renewal, will automatically draft your credit card every month, every 3 months, or every 12 months.  We even give you a small discount to enroll in the Auto Renewal feature!

Of course, if you would still prefer to pay manually, you certainly can do so.  You’ll still get the account expiration reminder emails and notices when you log in.  But we’ve greatly reduced the billing information you have to enter.  We’ll even email you the transaction details when the payment is processed.  And we also will continue to offer check and PayPal payment methods, as well as discounts for pre-paying (and auto-renewing) 3 and 12 months at a time.