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The wait will soon be over, smartphone fans.  In just a few weeks, we expect to roll out a version of that is designed to run in the mobile browser of most fairly-current smartphones on the market.  The initial functionality will be similar to the current iPhone app, but  more responsive and polished.  Here are some reasons we are really excited about this mobile web version:

  • Android owners will finally have mobile access to their data, with the ability to respond to assignments, view service and song details, access contact info, and listen to audio.
  • iOS owners will be able see an improved audio player, be able to open PDFs, and submit notes with their assignment responses.
  • We will be able to develop and deploy more functionality much more easily (read “a lot quicker”) than before.  If you, the user community, like how the mobile web version works, we should be able to easily leverage what we’ve done to make device-specific apps (including tablet apps!).
So, keep an eye on our blog, tweets, and facebook updates!

3 thoughts on “ Mobile”

  1. Scott Hobbs says:

    Woo Hoo! Thanks gang!

  2. Tony Harrison says:

    My Associate Pastor has the iphone app and likes it except for one thing. We run 3 services every weekend and he would like to be able to view linked services, since we use different volunteers for each service. Right now, he is only able to view the master service on his iphone and not the linked services.

    1. tommetz says:

      Very good information, Tony. We will be sure that more information about linked services is available in the updated mobile version.

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