Version 4.0 is Live! Version 4.0
We are very excited to introduce version 4.0 of This is one of our biggest updates to the site since we first launched back in 2003.  The most noticeable improvement is the new design.  We’ve put together a tour of the updates in this brief video.  And below the video are more details about some of the new features.  We hope you enjoy!  Your feedback is always welcome.

What’s New with WorshipPlanning version 4.0 video

  • New design and colors – We feel the word that best describes our new design is “simplified”.  The dark blue banner and blue gradient background have given way to a simpler gray-and-white design.  The tab system and pop-up windows also carry the new design theme.
  • Your profile picture on every page – It’s built right into the navigation bar, and gives you easy access to your profile settings and MyWP-related activities.
  • Updated placement of some navigation menu items – The Admin menu is now gone.  The menu options previous in the Admin menu have been moved to Services, Libraries, and Account menus (next to your profile picture).
  • New “Actions” menu – many of the pages that seemed to have stray icons floating about have been moved to an “Actions” menu that resides in the upper right area of the screen.
  • Security and Login
    • Updated “Stay Logged In” option keeps you logged in even if you close your browser or reboot your computer.
    • The “Respond to Assignments” button now uses an elevated level of encryption.
    • You can disable all past “Respond to Assignment” buttons by simply changing your password in WP