Make Your Worship Flow Cleaner, Clearer, and More Exciting with New Colorful Dividers

We don’t normally devote a blog post to one particular feature that some might say is a “small” enhancement.  But once we saw a few churches implementing our new color dividers, we had just had to share.

Worship Flow With Dividers

Creating DividersThe color dividers option offers a new way of organizing your worship flow.  You can create as many dividers as you want, each with a name and color you specify.  Your dividers will appear in the “Element Types” panel on the worship flow page where you can drag them into the flow, just like any other element.  You can also add them to your worship flow template so they will be in place every time you start planning a service.

And the best part is, these dividers will appear virtually everywhere the worship flow is displayed: printouts, MyWP, publicly shared links, the mobile web app, and their information even comes through our APIs endpoints (for third party services that want to use them).

We hope you find this new feature helpful as you organize and communicate your weekly services.  Feel free to comment below if you have any feedback or questions.