Thank you for your interest in worshipplanning.com. My name is Tom Metz, and I am the developer and administrator of this site. wp was born out of necessity for the church that my family and I were members of for several years. The church I attended is called Warehouse 242, warehouse242.org, and they actively seek to connect Charlotte, NC, post-moderns with Christ, each other, and the world. I began leading the “Multimedia” team at W242 in the summer of 2002, and soon discovered communication disconnects between the bands, the teaching team, the artists, and the tech crew, resulting in stressful Sunday mornings for everyone involved.

In 2003, God led me to develop a prototype of wp, and introduce it to our church. Six months later it was accessible by any church under its current web address www.worshipplanning.com. Since then, the site has evolved through the feedback of churches using it. There are churches across North America, Europe, and Australia that use worshipplanning.com on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

worshipplanning.com now allows everyone to get on the same page well before Sunday morning by providing a central communication hub. We frequently hear from people using the site that it has made their lives easier. Not only does that give us tremendous satisfaction, but that motivates us to continue enhancements so that more churches can benefit from it.

I hope that your church finds wp a useful tool in planning, organizing, and communicating in your worship ministry. Our goal for worshipplanning.com is to assist you in expanding God’s Kingdom. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you and Jesus Christ in this capacity.

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