Proclaim Church Presentation Software Review

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Proclaim is a church presentation software by Faithlife, the people that also bring you Logos Bible Software.  Proclaim entered the church service presentation scene about four years ago with the idea of leveraging the cloud to store and sync presentations.  Just like building a worship flow, the slides of a service often need to be collaboratively constructed by people that don’t work next to each other, or even in the same physical building.  Of course, these days it is far more than just “slides” being built for a worship service.  And over the years, Proclaim has proven that it can scale to meet the growing functionality needs of small and large churches.

This latest release of Proclaim is version 2, though the version number itself is deceiving because this is a very mature product that feels like it has been around since churches started using projectors. Before I get started, I should mention that while I have many years of experience serving on a pretty technical production team at my church, my primary role has not been on the CG or “lyrics” position.  However, perhaps this can provide perspective appreciated by those not familiar with Proclaim.

Proclaim Main Interface

Ease of Use

Like all maturing products, especially software, the expanding functionality is usually in tension with simplicity of use.  Proclaim seems to have walked this tightrope well.  Anyone having experience with PowerPoint or just about any other presentation software will be able to jump right in and set to work building slides.

Getting started is a breeze.  During the install, you’ll be prompted to create an online account that will serve as the “saving” destination of your presentations (a key detail of the collaboration feature).  You’ll have options to access self-help videos to assist with your first presentation.  But as I mentioned before, I skipped these and didn’t have any problems with building a good looking presentation.

The three main modes of “Edit”, “Preview”, and “On Air” are all intuitive and easy to use with the most typically needed setting visible in place that make sense.  One significant ease-of-use feature is management of external displays.  If you have multiple displays set up with your computer, Proclaim will automatically configure them for projector and confidence monitor, with easy ability to switch as needed.  This can save huge headaches, especially for those that have to set up on a weekly basis.

If for some reason you have trouble getting started and the self-help videos are not enough, users can schedule one-on-one time with a trainer from Faithlife to assist.

Core Features

One of the goals of Proclaim is to make it difficult or impossible to make a bad looking presentation.  Traditionally, bad looking presentation haven’t necessarily been limitations of the presentation software.  Technically speaking, you could make a good looking presentation in Microsoft Paint.  No, bad looking presentations are typically the result of presentation authors either not knowing how to make them look good, or not have time to make it look good.  Proclaim has gone to great lengths to eliminate these hurdles and make good looking presentations the default.


One example of this is how song slides are created from a block of lyrics.  By simply pasting the entire block of lyrics into the lyrics section of a single song slide, Proclaim splits the lyrics into different slides based on blank lines in the lyrics.  Additionally, when you change the style of the slide (font, background, image, etc.), it affects every slide.  So in a matter of seconds, you can have all slides for a song created, consistent, and looking great.  By the way, new with version 2 of Proclaim is the ability to make modifications to individual slides within a song.

When it comes to running your presentation, Proclaim handles with ease the normal flow of well-planned slides, with a few options on how to display and navigate through the slides.  But we all know that worship services rarely go exactly as planned, leaving the presentation operator to do some quick behind the scenes improv, rather than showing the wrong slides or just “going to black”.  The use of Proclaim’s “quick screens” let’s the operator click to configurable screens on the fly (the “configurable” part being new with version 2). Whether it is a spontaneous Bible verse, or an empty slide with a background image, or an animated “AMEN!”.  Operators also have the ability to overlay “Pager” numbers to notify parents of children that need their attention, as well as “Crawl Text” to show other longer, spontaneous messages for everyone to see.

Of course, online collaboration is one of the core features of Proclaim.  As I mentioned above, the presentations you build are automatically synced to the cloud.  So, while the Proclaim program must be downloaded and installed, access to the presentations are seamlessly synced to and from the cloud, with no need to copy files to thumb drives or emailing them around.  Simply configure your team of folks that need to access the presentations, and fire up the application from the desired computers.  And thanks to their simplified licensing, you can install the program on as many computers as you need without having to pay for each copy.

Amazing Extras

There are numerous features that I’d consider to be “extras” in that they go so far beyond what you’d consider standard for presentation software.  In the interest of time, I can only touch on a few of them.  But it’s well worth taking a look at their “Features” page to see all the amazing extra things you can do.

Without even having to leave the Proclaim program, you can access a slew of content for your presentation, from song lyrics, to still background, to motion backs, to video countdowns, and more.  And depending on your subscription level and the content source, some media is included at no additional charge.

Proclaim has a great feature called Signals.  Signals provides pathways for sending to, or interacting with, people (including congregational members) during the service.  For example, if the speaking pastor wanted information pushed to people’s smart phones at a certain point during the message, this can be set up and triggered in Proclaim when a specific slide goes up on the screen.

Or, if the pastor wanted to take a live survey during the message, this could also be pushed to members of the congregation during the service, and the real-time results could be displayed on the screen as people respond.  Honestly, my mind was blown when I saw the demonstration on this.  Signals (built into Proclaim) is the vehicle for this, and a free smartphone app called Faithlife is how information is collected from or pushed to people.

Once the service is finished, Proclaim gives you the option to publish various media from the service, including parts of the presentation, and even an audio recording of the message.  Saving and sharing audio recordings might be something larger churches are already doing.  But the way it is done in Proclaim is so simple, churches of any size could use this feature.  When building the presentation, you just add “start recording” and “stop recording” triggers to appropriate slides.  After the service, there’s a tool for performing minor audio edits (like trimming it up a bit).  Then with just a click or two, the audio can be posted to the web.  It doesn’t get much easier that that.


Whether your are a big or small church, Proclaim Church Presentation Software is an intuitive and yet feature-rich presentation software that goes well beyond just making and displaying slides.  Collaboration is baked into its core with real-time syncing among team members working together from diverse locations.  Integration into media outlets keep presentation designers from having to scour the web for the perfect stills, motion backs, or videos.  And the seamless advanced features will allow your church to interact with your congregation in ways typically only possible by churches with big, tech-savvy production teams.

Proclaim offers a free 30-day free trial for your entire team. This free trial also comes with Pro Media, a collection of more than 10,000 motion backgrounds and still images.

Truly Full of Thanks

Gears Meshing

This past year has been incredible, and unlike any other year in my 40+ on this earth.  As some of you know, early this year I chose to follow a crystal-clear calling of God to leave my full time job and really pour my efforts into  Helping churches though has been a passion of mine since it was first launched over 13 years ago.  But not until February 17th of this year had I felt led to step out of the boat, among the wind and waves, and walk toward Jesus in this manner.

Since then, not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on that decision.  And the reason is, I am so incredibly thankful, everyday, for this opportunity God has given me.  The road hasn’t been straight, easy, and worry-free.  But one thing is for sure: This is exactly where I am supposed to be, right now.  Knowing this feels amazing, and can be described with an illustration of gears.  When gears mesh correctly, the system is in sync and movement progresses as it should.  The gears may be working hard, but they are working together.

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for God providing the opportunity to serve Him in this capacity, and allowing me to hear his voice along the way.  I’m also very thankful for the many wonderful people that God used to provide encouragement.  This includes my courageous family, the incredible people here at, the amazing ministries and churches that we serve, and my F3Nation brothers that offer perpetual encouragement and accountability.

I sincerely hope you and your family have an blessed Thanksgiving, and a spirit-filled holiday season.


New “Self Sign-up” For Your Team Members

The v5.4.3 update that recently came out includes a highly requested feature called “Self Sign-up”.   When you enable this for your team, your team members will be able to find and sign up for available roles, on their own, without you having to individually schedule them.  They just log in to MyWP (or access the mobile web app) and select the “Sign Up” link.  They will then see a list of available roles scheduled for your team, and click the “Sign-up and Accept” button.

Sign Up and Accept


They can also do the same on the mobile web app by pointing their mobile device to ( will get them there also).  If they are on a team that has “Self Sign-up” turned on, they will see a new “Sign-Up to Serve” menu option on the main page.  Once they select the desired available role, they’ll simply need to confirm:

Mobile Self Sign-up

We’ve created a brief video for team leaders and account administrators that shows how to enable and use this feature.  It’s easy to get configure, and even easier to for your team members to use!



Emoji and Non-Latin Characters Now Supported

When launched in 2003, emoji didn’t exist. Instead, Internet users made use of ASCII characters to create “emoticons”.  The database driving our software used an encoding that was considered “best practices” at the time but had fallen a little out of date recently.  This past weekend, we performed a significant update to that database that provides support of “extended” character sets, including emoji, non-Latin-based characters, and “special” characters often used in desktop applications (like fancy quotes or dashes).  So, let your creative emoji juices flow and tell your international friends that is now extended-character friendly!

Free Song: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (We Turn)” by Paul Baloche

Turn Your Eyes

We’re excited to offer you another free song for the next 7 days, in partnership with!

The song is “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (We Turn)” from Paul Baloche’s latest album “Your Mercy”.

CLICK HERE to download the MP3 and the chord charts for FREE! – Oops, the offer has expired. But be sure to sign up for our blog to learn about more free music downloads!

Free Song: “Gloria (Our Savior Found Us)”


We’re excited to offer you another free song for the next 7 days, in partnership with!

The song is “Gloria (Our Savior Found Us)” is a track off Majesty In A Manger by Various Integrity music artist, which was released today. This album has Great Christmas themed worship tunes, so be sure to check it out

CLICK HERE to download the MP3 and the chord charts for FREE! – Oops, the offer has expired. But be sure to sign up for our blog to learn about more free music downloads!

Update v5.4.0 Text Notifications, Location Management, and SongSelect Integration Improvements

This morning, was updated to version 5.4.0, and we wanted to share some of the exciting details.

Text Notifications has offered SMS text notifications for several years (you can learn more about how it works here), but now team leaders and account admins can enable SMS Text messaging on behalf of users.  Before this update, only the end user could enable text notifications by logging into their own WP account.  The was done to reduce the risk of people being unexpectedly charged for text messages.  Now that “unlimited” texts is much more popular, and it is easy for recipients to stop messages, we feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

User SMS Settings

When an appropriately-privileged planner adds or edits a user, they will be able to indicate which number(s) support text messaging by using the corresponding checkbox.  Once checked, and the country is selected, a new communication method will be set up for the user without any validation being required.

Also, any SMS text recipient can stop all text messages from WP by replying “STOP” to any message (and restart the flow of messages by  replying “START” to any message from WP).

SongSelect™ Integration Improvement
Like text notifications, SongSelect integration has been part of for a number of years.  The integration has been per planner, meaning that if Jim Planner and Jill Planner both wanted to use the SongSelect integration in WP, they had to each authorize that integration.

The update we rolled out with version 5.4.0 adds a “church level” integration, meaning that church account admins now have the option to authorize an integration for use by all planners.  Technically only security level 1 (Worship Editors) and up could use the church-level SongSelect integration, since security level 0 users (Ministry Planners) can’t edit the worship flow or song library.

If both a church and an individual are integrated, WP will use the individual’s integration.  This allows churches to track specific usage (on the SongSelect side) for individual SongSelect accounts.


More Location Settings
Also included in this update is greater management over your locations.  To start with, we’ve added a new “Locations Management” screen where admins can centrally add, delete and rename the various locations used by your church.

Next, we add “locations” as an attribute setting to your teams.  Perhaps you have a different worship team for each location.  You no longer have to shoehorn the name the location into the team name field, like “Worship Team – Downtown Campus”.


And we’ve added a location filter on the team management page so that you can easily hide teams not at a specific location. By the the way, the location filter setting is remembered as you move about the site.  Finally, the People Scheduling page had its location filter upgraded in the following ways:

  1. Your filter setting will also show/hide teams based on their location settings, making it easier to figure out which teams are appropriate to schedule for that location.
  2. You can now filter by more than one location.  Perhaps you want to see the worship team schedule for this weekend, across two or three locations, at once.  Now you can.

We hope you find these updates useful in making your planning process simpler.  Our team continues to work on updates frequently asked for by customers.  And, as always, your feedback is welcome.

New Partnership with Church CO+OP

Church CO+OP Logo

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Church CO+OP (, a Texas-based non-profit whose mission is to “connect churches and non-profit ministries with reputable vendors and resources to save time and money on products, services, and education.”

As an approved vendor, provides a discount on all subscription plans to the 2000+ members of the CO+OP.  Be sure to check out our vendor page.

Free Song: “We Believe” by Travis Ryan

Travis PR Photo

We’re excited to offer you a free song for the next 7 days, in partnership with!

This version of the popular song, “We Believe”, is a live recording from one of the writers of the song, Travis Ryan.

CLICK HERE to download the MP3 and the chord chart for FREE! (Oh no!  This offer has expired, but we’ll be offering another free song soon.  Subscribe to our blog if you don’t already.)