Partnership with All About Worship

We are excited to announce a partnership between and All About Worship.

For those not familiar, AAW is an online resource specifically designed for “equipping and encouraging worship leaders and songwriters”. They do this through podcasts, training webinars, retreats, articles, and much more.

The goal of this partnership is two-fold. First, we hope it will help give worship leaders easier access to a variety of resources AAW develops. In April we will begin sharing some exciting benefits for WP Planners as part of this partnership. Second, we hope AAW will be a means by which new WP features and benefits will be shared with those that have either never tried WP, or not visited our site for a while.

AAW has a great podcast that can be found on iTunes. Their website also has a link to the latest podcast, as well as a growing number of other resources.

Keep an eye on our blog and twitter feed to learn more on the fruits of this partnership.

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