Contest: How do YOU prepare to sing?

Vocal Warm-up CDChances are we all do something (perhaps even a little odd) to prepare our voices for singing.  Drink a tall, neat glass of water? Delight in a bag of greasy potato chips?  Well, we are hoping you’ll post a comment with your trick to tuning those pipes before taking the stage.  And in return for sharing your closely guarded secret, we’ll randomly select two people to win an “Essential Vocals Warm-Up CD” from The Musicademy.

Post your comment no later than Monday, September 13th, and we will pick the winners on the 14th.  Posting multiple comments won’t increase your chances of winning, so please just fit all your tricks into a single comment.  And we promise to only use your email address to contact you if you win (we won’t spam you, or sign you up anything, or post your your email anywhere).

8 thoughts on “Contest: How do YOU prepare to sing?”

  1. Cory Thomure says:

    I drink only room temperature water and try to stay away from any food or drink with sugar or anything else that may coat my throat.

  2. Doug Rosevear says:

    I would like to say that I spend 30 mins blowing bubbles and loosing my voice up but!!!! To start Coke and Panadol (Asprin) for me then Warm Water.

  3. Diane Burke says:

    I start out with a nice warm cup of green tea, then switch to water prior to a scale warm up.

  4. Dan Johnson says:

    I know that it’s not good, healthy or beneficial…but I drink a coke.

    I guess Doug and I aren’t the most disciplined when it comes to our warmups.

  5. Bob DeRuiter says:

    I try to stay hydrated throughout the week and get plenty of sleep. The day I have to sing I start out singing lighty and then build the range and volume until I am able to sing above and below the range of the song(s) I’m singing.

  6. James says:

    I too avoid sugary drinks the day of, and do I series of neck and throat stretching excercises. Oh who am I kidding, I just pray, and belt it out!!!!

  7. Melynda says:

    I am with James – lift your hands high and belt it out! … but when you are feeling a little challenged… my friend Johnny introduce me to Vocal-eze throat spray. It really does work!

  8. curtis froisland says:

    I drink 16-20oz of room temperature water as soon as I wake up. Brew a cup of Throat Coat with honey to drink until “showtime.” Do some warmups with different vowels (yawn, woo-wee, he, etc). Then nothing to eat or drink until after I lead except a fingertip of honey if I’m feeling really dry.

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