One thought on “Performance vs Worship Leading – video by Paul Baloche”

  1. Angie Walston says:

    Paul, I appreciate your sharing on this subject. I agree that it is our responsibility to watch the condition of our heart. I think about actors who are told to think of personal experiences to help them relay the emotion, and message behind the action. I believe it is like that for worship leaders, sometimes. It is like a sacrifice of praise, if I feel down a little for whatever reason, in my heart I know, that I know, that God is always present, and He’s never left, and is concerned about me, so I move around that down feeling and sacrifice to my loving savior (see here’s the heart talking to that feeling) and give Him sacrifices of praise, which in turn He then comes and inhabits and takes me in to worship, where I receive rejuvenation, & all that I need because I have given past my feelings, then I am no longer down, but delivered. I agree that there is a level of performance, because it is like a bride preparing for her groom. She plans, gets special attire and plans the whole ceremony. Why not for God (again it is the heart behind these actions) That ‘s my thought. It’s like I play a record in my head, remember your audience is your Savior, then I remember all that I am so grateful for, and even go back to a place of pain that He delivered me from and then this joy feels me so much so that I smile, and even laugh sometimes, (much like the actor remembers, to relay the message) One last thing, It seems some think that if we are quiet, and looking mournful on our faces and serious then that is God. It seems we are taught that the world is loud, and dances, and is colorful, but not us Christians. There is a time for everything, which we means sometimes we shout , dance, clap , jump and sing, and sometimes we sit, weep, bow and lay before our King. He wants it All! We shouldn’t save all the passion for the world’s entertainment. Let’s give passion to our God. All glory to our God. He is so worthy of all that we have. We can’t hold back from Him. He is so worthy. Thank you dear Father. Thanks for sharing this Paul. Just wanted to chime in.
    Angie Walston
    Worship Leader
    Living Waters Assembly of God, Riverdale GA

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