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Happy Easter! This morning, we updated to version  You can find the release notes on our support site, but we wanted to highlight a few of the features in this blog post.


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When you update to version 1.99993 of OnSong, you’ll have access to our latest integration.  With this, you’ll be able to import worship-related files from right into your OnSong app, where you can then annotate, transpose, rehearse, and even perform.  We’ll be promoting this integration in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime, be sure you check out all that OnSong can do!


Last Performed Indicator – Event Flow Page

Last Performed ScreenshotIn the previous release, we added the Last Performed column to the Songs Library page.  With this release, we added this same information right on the event flow page.  The color coded bubbles let you see in a glance when the last time the song was performed.

Red – performed in last 2 weeks
Yellow – performed in last 2 months
Green – performed in last 6 months
Blue – performed more than 6 months ago

Hover over the black “?” icon above the filter field to get a reminder of what the colors mean.  Right now, this date is across all locations.  But we may had the ability to narrow the scope to just a single location.



YouTube Playlists

YouTube Playlist ScreenshotYouTube links have been a song detail for years (and we even populate our “top songs” list with them).  Today, we make it easier for worship teams to rehearse using a YouTube Playlist link.  The link has been added to the same places that the MP3 and Spotify playlist links were, including Event Flow page accessible by your team when they log in.



That’s the list of main features for this release.  But stay tuned for another release coming soon!


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